Short Story

Meet Tammy. She’s our Roller.

Tammy has a great idea for a business that can lead to financial freedom for her and her family.

She created a doughnut that helps you lose weight. Uhm, yes please!

Tammy’d Doughnuts

by Rolling Funder

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Cape Town, South Africa

Rolling Funder

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Campaign Story

But Tammy needs some “dough” to get this business started.

What are her options?

Well, she could go to a bank and ask them for a loan. But they will want to know if she has money, in order to borrow money. Yeah right!

She can ask her parents but they are looking to retire soon – so, not a good idea.

She can look for investors but she might end up owning only a small percentage of her own dream business.

Like many people, Tammy felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Until now.

Enter Rolling Funder:

A secure crowdfunding campaign platform that will help her build and market her campaign.

With a successful Rolling Funder campaign, Tammy will own 100% of her own business and customers will get to eat her amazing doughnuts, while her parents can still safely retire.

Everyone wins! 

How does that work?

Well, let’s say she sets her goal at R500 000 to fund the launch of her business. We call this the rolling point.

Through Rolling Funder, “Funders” can make contributions towards her starting capital. In return they get rewards for backing her business.

For example: they can:

get a branded t-shirt for a small contribution.

opt to be the first to taste her amazing doughnuts; or

book a private party in her future doughnut shop with all the doughnuts they can dream of.

The only limit to the rewards is her imagination.

If she doesn’t raise the money in the specified time limit, everyone gets their money back and she lives to fight another day.

If she reaches her goal, she can start her business and everyone will get their doughnuts. See, everyone wins.

So, get out there! Make the world a better place by funding a r Roller’ dream, and support small, local businesses while you are at it!



Be the first to taste our doughnuts.

Get a dozen of our doughnuts delivered to your door before anyone else can get to taste them.

September, 2021

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
1000 rewards left


Name a doughnut.

You'll be invited to our pre-launch and get to name one of our delicious doughnuts

September, 2021

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
20 rewards left


Private party in our doughnut shop.

Host 20 of your friends for a private party at Tammy's doughnut shop once we're open with all the doughnuts you can dream of.

September, 2021

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
5 rewards left


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