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The benefits of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding benefits both Roller and Funder

Funders get to support small local businesses that support the local economy, while simultaneously being the first to find out and take part in new innovative ideas and products.

The Roller will gain awareness for his or her brand.

With crowdfunding, Rollers get more than just capital. They gain exposure and customers before the business is launched.

It’s low-risk.

Rollers get to test their products or services on customers before they take the risk of getting a big loan from a bank.

Rollers are the owners of their own businesses.

They retain 100% control over their business. No large investors that pull the strings behind the curtains.

It’s interest free.

There’s no bank loan where they work their fingers to the bone only to pay the interest each month.

How does it work?

  • You need funds for a new business or to expand an existing one.
  • You do your research about crowdfunding and come up with a business plan.
  • We’ll look over your forms and decide if we are the right platform for your needs.
  • We will help you to gather all the necessary information to help us build a great campaign for you.
  • You submit all the needed documents to start a new campaign.
  • We can help create your crowdfunding video at additional costs.
  • You decide on the rewards you want to offer and the rolling point (the minimum amount of money needed to make the campaign successful and guarantee the Funders their reward) of the campaign.
  • Together we decide on a preliminary launch date and as how long the campaign will run (e.g. 30, 45 or 60 days).
  • We build your campaign and send you a preview to approve.
  • The campaign goes live.
  • We implement our marketing strategy to drive traffic to your campaign.
  • You drive traffic though your channels to your campaign landing page.
  • “Funders” pledge towards your campaign. The money stays in our trusted third party payment provider’s account (PayFast) until the campaign is over.

If the campaign is not successful

All transactions are either refunded or a voucher is issued for the same amount to be spent on a different campaign on the Rolling Funder platform.

You live to fight another day, without the stress of a major loan that needs to be repaid. We regroup and come up with a better plan.

Is Rolling Funder safe?


We use PayFast. a Trusted third party payment provider. 

Once a Funder decides to support a campaign the funds will go into the Rolling Funder, PayFast account. It will remain there until the campaign is over.

If the campaign is successful, the funds will be transferred to the Roller.

If the campaign is not successful, the funds will be refunded to the Funder.

Service Fees


  • Free campaign design


  • 5% hosting fee on all campaigns (only on successful campaigns)


  • 3.25% transaction fee (only on successful campaigns)


  • Optional value-added services like crowdfunding video production, design and corporate identity packages are available.


  • Option on taking over the campaign as a permanent e-commerce solution after the campaign ends


If a campaign is not successful:

  • Funders will have the option of receiving a voucher for the exact amount they invested to use on any other campaign on the Rolling Funder platform; or the Funder can request a refund. We will refund the exact Rand amount that was paid minus a R2 refund fee.


  • Note that if you are paying with foreign currency there may be differences in the exchange rate from the time of purchase and the time of refund.


  • There might also be foreign exchange fees from your bank. Rolling Funder is not liable for any difference in the refunded amount if you are paying with a foreign currency.

Our Rules:

These are the basic rules for using Rolling Funder.

  • Rollers have to provide a reward in return for funding. It cannot be a donation.


  • No equity can be offered as a reward for funding. The reward has to be a physical product or service.


  • No illegal substances or services can be offered as a reward.


  • We have the right to determine if a campaign or reward is suitable for the Rolling Funder platform


  • Rollers are responsible for providing the funder with the reward after the campaign.


  • Funder’s contributions will remain in our payment provider’s bank account until the campaign is over. Then the contributions will either be transferred to the Roller or be refunded to the Funder depending on the outcome of the campaign.


  • If the Rolling point is not reached within the given time frame then every Funder will get their money back.
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