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In short, rewards based crowdfunding is a way of raising capital to start or expand an existing business through a large number of Funders contributing small amounts of capital in return for a product or a service.

The product or service is called the reward and will be provided once the campaign is successful.

Info for Funders

What will Rolling Funder do for you?

Rolling Funder will screen all new campaigns to the best of our ability to ensure that we only work with trusted Rollers that can guarantee the products or services after the campaign. Although the responsibility lies with the rollers to provide the product or service within the estimated timeframe.

How does it work?

  • Rollers come to us with a great new innovative idea or product that they need funding for to bring to market.


  • We build a crowdfunding campaign and host it on the Rolling Funder Platform.


  • Each campaign will have a specific Rolling point. (the amount of money needed to be raised to make the campaign successful)


  • Each campaign will have a end date (the date where the campaign will come to an end and determine if it was successful or not)


  • Funders can visit the platform to support the Rollers by pledging different amounts of money in return for rewards.


  • Rewards can be anything the Roller can dream of as long as it is within our rules.


  • Funders pledge towards the campaign but the money stays in the Rolling funder Payfast account until the campaign is over.

If the campaign is successful:

After the campaign is successful the money is transferred into the Roller’s account and the Funders get their rewards within the timeframe promised in the campaign.

If the campaign is not successful:

All transactions are either refunded or a voucher is issued for the same amount to be spent on a different campaign on the Rolling Funder platform.

Funder Rules

Funder’s contributions will remain in our payment provider’s bank account until the campaign is over. The contributions will then either be transferred to the Roller or be refunded to the Funder depending on the outcome of the campaign. If the Rolling point is not reached within the given time frame, every Funder will get their money back, or may opt to receive a voucher to the same amount for a future campaign they would like to back.

For more detail, please read our our Terms & Conditions.

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