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Crowdfunding can change your life.

Always wanted to work for yourself but the thought of borrowing money is just too daunting?

Crowdfunding can help you start that business you’ve been dreaming of, without the stress of a huge interest bearing loan.

Info for Rollers

What will Rolling Funder do for you?

Rolling Funder will build your crowdfunding campaign and host it on the Rolling Funder platform. We will drive traffic to your campaign by implementing our marketing strategy.

After the campaign is completed you will have the option of taking over the campaign permanently as an e-commerce store at additional charges.

What do you need for a crowdfunding campaign?

  • A specific product or idea in mind that you need the funds for.
  • A realistic rolling point (the min amount of money needed to make the campaign successful) and guarantee the Funders their reward.
  • A start and end date for your campaign.
  • A short campaign video explaining your project and what you need to make it happen.
  • Great rewards for Funders who back your business.
  • A marketing strategy and active social media platforms to drive traffic to your campaign.
  • A campaign manager who can work with Rolling Funder.
  • A South African ID, bank account and proof of residence.
  • CIPC documents if you have a company.

    + Lots of excitement, creativity and energy.

How does it work?

  • You need funds for a new business or to expand an existing one.


  • You do your research about crowdfunding and come up with a business plan.


  • Submit the “register a new campaign form”.


  • We’ll look over your forms and decide if we are the right platform for your needs.


  • We will help you to gather all the necessary information to help us build a great campaign for you.


  • You submit all the required documents to start a new campaign.


  • We can help create your crowdfunding video an additional fee.


  • You decide on the rewards you want to offer and the rolling point of the campaign.


  • Together we decide on a preliminary launch date as well as how long the campaign will run (I.e. 30, 45 or 60 days).


  • We build your campaign and send you a copy to approve.


  • The campaign goes live.


  • We implement our marketing strategy to drive traffic to your campaign.


  • You drive traffic though your channels to your campaign.


  • Funders pledge towards your campaign. The money stays in our payment provider’s account until the campaign is over.

If the campaign is successful:

The funds will be transferred into your account, minus the fees agreed upon in the service agreement. This process will take a couple of days.

Your Funders get their rewards within the timeframe as promised by you in the campaign.

If the campaign is not successful:

All transactions are either refunded or a voucher is issued for the same amount to be spent on a different campaign on the Rolling Funder platform.

You live to fight another day, without the stress of a major loan that needs to be repaid. We regroup and come up with a better plan.

Our marketing strategy:

Our goal is to drive as much traffic to your campaign by using the following tools:


What do you have to do?

We can only build the campaign according to the content that you provide. We can however help with the creative process and concept at additional costs. Although we will give it our best, it is important that you use your own marketing streams to make sure that the campaign is successful. It is your responsibility to fulfil your rewards after the campaign is successful.

Added Services

Crowdfunding video packages

A crowdfunding video can make or break a campaign.

We urge all our rollers to have a professional video made. It drastically improves the chances of running a successful campaign.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to creating a crowdfunding video. From animated explainer videos with voice overs to professionally shot and edited personal videos.

Corporate identity package

Solidified branding is essential to be viewed as a professional and trustworthy product or service.

It will also determine the look & feel of your website and future branding for all your marketing efforts.

We offer logo design and corporate identity development (brand style guide) to help you stand out like the high-end Roller you are.

Website design
(excludes hosting)

A website is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts (take ours, for instance).

Our in-house design team will ensure your business keeps rolling upon the successful completion of  your crowdfunding campaign.

Get the ball rolling by requesting a quote!

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